Meet Tim McNeely

Tim McNeely is a leading financial strategist for dental entrepreneurs, host of the Dental Wealth Nation Show, and author of the best-selling book Dental Wealth Nation. With a unique insight into the dental industry—being married to a dentist—Tim specializes in helping dental professionals build substantial wealth and achieve financial security.

​Committed to personalized service, Tim offers tailored strategies that align with each client’s goals. Connect with Tim to master your financial journey and secure a prosperous future.

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MAG 7 Consulting
​Boutique Coaching

Legacy Planning

Kalamath Consulting Group
Exit Planning, Business Growth, and M&A

Withers Worldwide
Private Client Attorney (Tax & Estate)

Highland Capital Brokerage
Advanced Insurance Specialist

World Clinic
Concierge Medicine

The Family Business Consulting Group
Family Business Planning

Foundation Source

Seneco & Associates
Advanced Life Insurance

Kaufman and Canoles

Safe Harbor Asset Management
​Private Real Estate Specialist

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Cash Benefit Plans

Black Cloak
Certified Privacy Professional

Risk Management Advisors
President and Lead Strategist

Bruce Gendelman Company
Property and Casualty

Proud to Be in Bakersfield.
Serving Dental Entrepreneurs & Executives Nationwide

Tim McNeely
Advisor to Dental Entrepreneurs
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