Vision 2027

Our 2027 Vivid Vision aims to revolutionize the dental industry by cultivating a mindset of abundance, implementing savvy financial strategies, and fostering authentic connections so you can THRIVE....


As we approach the end
of 2027, we celebrate the significant impact we have made for dental entrepreneurs and executives.

We empowers dental entrepreneurs and executives to achieve true wealth, make a meaningful impact, and Thrive

We have become a transformative force in the wealth education industry, renowned for guiding high-net-worth dental families in building true wealth and making a meaningful impact. Emphasizing stewardship, generosity, and faithfulness, our expert services, books, live events, and the Dental Wealth Nation show have inspired thousands. We are know for provide an unparalleled excellence to a select few dental entrepreneurs, fostering growth, achievement, and lasting influence in their communities and beyond.

Our services are highly sought-after, with an extensive waitlist of dental entrepreneurs eager to join. We are committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of our clients, enabling them to lead purposeful lives for the people they love, the causes they care about, all while making a meaningful impact.  Our mission is to revolutionize the industry and empower the high-net-worth dental families we serve to realize their utmost potential.


Faithful Stewardship

We embrace Stewardship by responsibly managing our clients resources and prioritizing their financial well-being. We collaborate to develop personalized strategies that align with their goals and values, to help ensuring long-term success and security for the families we serve.

Nurturing Transformation

We help our dental entrepreneurs grow not just in wealth, but in life.  Our mission is to help every client find their true wealth and happiness by guiding them through their journey of change and growth. It’s more than just business to us; it’s about making real, positive differences in the lives we touch.

Impactful Generosity

We embrace Generosity by inspiring our clients to use their wealth to make a positive impact on their families, communities, and the world. By fostering a spirit of giving, we help our clients create meaningful legacies that extend beyond their financial success.  We believe giving away money is fun!

Purposeful Collaboration

We create strong bonds with our clients and with each other, focusing on our shared goals of growth, success, and true wealth. By combining our unique skills and knowledge, we build better futures for everyone. Our teamwork makes our mission stronger and our journey more enjoyable and fulfilling. 


We are driven by a culture of joy, collaboration, and balance. Our team of experts passionately serves clients while fostering strong friendships, and our brand, values, and ethos are unmatched in the industry. With our top-rated Dental Wealth Nation show, transformative courses, and impactful events, we empower dental professionals to build true wealth and thrive in every aspect of life. Our commitment to stewardship, generosity, and faithfulness extends beyond our work, as we prioritize giving back to our communities and nurturing our personal lives.

Our culture is deeply rooted in embracing cutting-edge technology and fostering leadership development. We believe that having the right people on our team, who understand the significance of our mission and are passionate about helping others succeed, is essential to our success. We hold ourselves and our team members accountable, setting ambitious goals that inspire growth and achievement beyond what was previously thought possible. With a strong, capable team in place, we work together to bring our vision to life, leveraging the latest technological advancements to enhance our services and continuously improve our operations. Our commitment to cultivating leaders within our team ensures a sustainable future for Dental Wealth Nation, empowering us to make an even greater impact on the lives of dental professionals and their families.


Our team consists of exceptional leaders in wealth management, collaborating with clients and colleagues to elevate success and set new benchmarks for excellence in serving dental professionals and their families.

Tim McNeely

Tim McNeely helps dentists make more money, pay less in taxes, and do more good in the world. He's the go-to guy for wealth tips on his show, Dental Wealth Nation, and a top-selling author and speaker who makes things simple and clear. Tim believes in helping dentists live richer, happier lives.

A Top Show For Dental Entrepreneurs

The Dental Wealth Nation Show

The Dental Wealth Nation Show is a movement that inspires and equips dental entrepreneurs. Broadcasting from our state-of-the-art studio in Bakersfield, California, the show is a must-visit platform for industry leaders and innovators.

The Experience
Guests are treated to an extraordinary experience from the moment they land, setting the stage for transformative conversations. Our Executive Assistant crafts personalized agendas, making each guest's time on the show a life-changing event.

The Reach
With unparalleled daily downloads and full sponsorship from industry giants our show is the go-to source for dental entrepreneurs aiming for both wealth and impact.

As the host, my joy comes from facilitating these transformative dialogues. The show has taken on a life of its own, becoming a collective vision to elevate the dental industry one episode at a time.


Our comprehensive sales and marketing strategy is designed to attract highly qualified and motivated potential clients who are eager to work with us. We have three primary systems in place to grow the business:

1. Non-Competing Professionals:  We collaborate with a select group of vetted non-competing professionals, helping them become thought leaders and increase their revenue by implementing advanced planning strategies for their clients. In return, they collaborate with us on advanced planning cases for their best clients.

2. Second Opinions from Existing Clients:  Our satisfied clients are an invaluable source of new business, as they proactively look for other dental entrepreneurs and regularly make introductions on our behalf.

3. Sharing Knowledge:  Tim is a highly sought-after speaker and show guest, speaking at renowned events and co-hosting the top-rated Dental Wealth Nation Show. These platforms allow us to share our expertise and insights, further attracting potential clients.

In addition to these main sources of business, we have a robust online presence, offering The Dental Wealth Accelerator Workshops, The Dental Transition Workshop, and other online courses for dental entrepreneurs.

Our learning platform is utilized by over a thousand dentists, with a growing online community of fans. Furthermore, we host monthly live web events for our clients, potential clients, and professional partners, fostering a strong sense of community and ongoing support.

By leveraging these strategic partnerships, client referrals, and knowledge-sharing opportunities, we make a massive positive impact on the dental community, all while enjoying the work we do.


Our brand strikes a perfect balance between being fun and professional. We are dedicated collaborators who work closely with others in the dental industry. Our marketing approach focuses on attracting dental entrepreneurs while filtering out those who may not align with our vision.

Dentists turn to us for advice on various aspects of the dental field, and our active social media communities foster meaningful conversations that uplift one another and promote the innovative entrepreneurial mindset for which we are renowned.


Our company thrives on the virtual work model, recognizing it as the most efficient way to conduct business. Our team consists of entrepreneurial individuals who enjoy the flexibility to work according to their preferences, enabling them to prioritize and lead fulfilling lives. We promote a healthy work-life balance by encouraging team members to take time off when necessary, ensuring their responsibilities are covered. By celebrating the rich experiences and stories that emerge from our team's meaningful pursuits, we contribute to the overall success of our organization and support our team members in living their dream lives.a


I am genuinely grateful and humbled by the incredible accomplishments we have achieved together. The countless testimonials from our clients, team members, and their families, expressing how our work has significantly enriched their lives, fill my heart with immense joy and gratitude.

When we started this journey decades ago, our aim was to redefine the concept of true wealth in the wealth management industry. Today, we not only empower new generations of diverse talent but also foster a deeper understanding that true wealth encompasses much more than financial abundance.

Our mission is to serve as catalysts in helping our clients and team members discover and embrace their true wealth, which includes their unique talents, relationships, and life experiences. The world urgently needs these invaluable contributions from everyone.

I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the profound impact of your work, the lives you have touched, and the gratitude that stems from those connections. Together, we can achieve greatness by cultivating true wealth and spreading a spirit of gratitude, which will undoubtedly create a lasting legacy. As the proverb goes, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with others." Let us continue to go far, hand in hand, as we pursue our shared vision and purpose.

Proud to Be in Bakersfield, California
Serving Dental Entrepreneurs & Executives Nationwide

Timothy J McNeely

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