Family Fortunes

Tim McNeely
Personal CFO to Dental Entrepreneurs

Your dental business is more than just a business; it's a vital part of your family's legacy.   I believe you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family fortune is on track to achieve everything you want it to—both now and for succeeding generations far into the future.

Harness the power of smart financial succession planning and implement the best practices of the ultra-wealthy. You will be better equipped to make decisions that can create family unity, uphold your family’s values and make a positive impact on the world—across generations.

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Our strategy call will evaluate whether the financial succession planning that has been done (or is being considered) will perform optimally in different scenarios and deliver the results you desire—while ensuring you are not missing any meaningful opportunities. We can help you be confident you are making smart decisions and confirm you are working with truly capable professionals


Family Fortunes provides a rare glimpse into the world of ultra-wealthy families and the ways they preserve and grow their family enterprises while promoting family harmony across generations. If you are committed to building the success of your family enterprise both today and over the coming decades, Family Fortunes is for you

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Timothy J McNeely

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