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At The Dental Wealth Alliance, we believe that you can build true wealth and thrive by making even smarter decisions.

We also believe you can do it faster and with less effort than you ever thought possible.

Let us show you the keys that will optimize your financial world.


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true wealth

\ˈtrue wealth\

We define True Wealth as being able to take care of the people you love, give generously to the causes you care about most, and make a real difference in the world.

Most advisors assist you in determining the necessary steps to accomplish your objectives and deliver a plan.

Some advisors provides precise instructions on how to reach your desired destination and strive to delight you

Only a few advisors shows you the exact path to take, possesses the necessary resources to support you, and actively defend your dreams.


The Dental Wealth Nation Show

The Dental Wealth Nation Show is consistently ranked as one of the top 25 active blogs on Dental Town, we empower dental entrepreneurs to build an amazing life of significance, faster and more efficiently than they ever thought possible.

Our aim isn't just about enhancing your net worth, it's about helping you create a meaningful impact in the world and in the lives of those you love. We're committed to guiding you in your journey, offering practical strategies and wisdom that cater to all facets of your life.

Ready to transform your dental practice and build true wealth that resonates beyond the confines of your clinic?  Then Tune in and Thrive!

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Tim McNeely
Advisor to Dental Entrepreneurs
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